Operation Catnap

Crime Story for Kids: "Operation Catnap"Crime Story for Kids: "Operation Catnap"Four young friends come up with a great idea to help Grandpa Carlson. He had lost his house, and a rich old woman had moved in. The kids’ plan is to steal her fat cat and demand a ransom. A catnapping! What could possibly go wrong? But before they know it, the kids are swept up in a series of escalating calamitous events… (synopsis)

This is the English version of my children's book "Aktion Kater Theo" from 1999/2007. In the first German version the background of the plot was the German revolution of 1989 - Grandpa Carlson was a citizen of the former East Germany, an “Ossi,” and the man who took the house from him was from the West, a “Wessi.”


David Andersen, Translator

David AndersenDavid Andersen

David Andersen was born 1942 and raised in sunny California but has been living for decades in Berlin, where he has been leading the insecure and eventful life of a freelance professional. He has done a wide variety of things to earn his daily bread. Actor, movie sound technician, scriptwriter, cartoonist, illustrator, journalist, and translator are just some of the occupations he has engaged in over the course of his life, and done so at times with a fair degree of success. 


The Troubadour - Verdi's Opera in Prose Narration

Verdi's "Troubadour" in Prose NarrationVerdi's "Troubadour" in Prose NarrationThe Count de Luna is a mighty lord, wealthy and used to get whatever he wants. The more his proud is wounded when the beautiful court lady Doña Leonor vehemently rejects his proposal of marriage. There is another man standing in the way of the count – a mysterious Troubadour who won Doña Leonors heart by his singing. But the Count is not willing to give her up...


The Star-Crossed Lovers Calendar

Dying in Beauty: "The Star-Crossed Lovers Calendar"Dying in Beauty: "The Star-Crossed Lovers Calendar"Werther could not live without Lotte, Juliet not without Romeo, and Isolde not without Tristan. They all died of their tragic love, gaining immortality in countless works of art, literature, and music. 
This beautiful Art Nouveau calendar informatively and humorously recounts the heart-rending stories of the world’s most famous star-crossed lovers in the form of modern-day breaking news. See twelve noble couples dying in beauty, illustrated with classic paintings and frame motifs from the Belle Époque.
"The Star-Crossed Lovers Calendar" is the English version of the calendar "Die schönsten Liebestode" (translated by David Andersen) and this season available in booktrade by Calvendo edition. 

Opera Murder Most Beautiful

Death with music: "Opera Murder Most Beautiful"Death with music: "Opera Murder Most Beautiful""Opera Murder Most Beautiful" is the ideal calendar for all who love the opera: Here you find images and quotations concerning the most famous murders in opera history. Discover the great crime operas by Verdi, Donizetti, Bizet, Wagner, Mozart, Rossini and others and see them in a special way.

The calendar is the English version of the calendar "Die schönsten Opernmorde" and this season available in booktrade by Calvendo edition.

More informations and a product video you find here.

Beyond - a Great Subject in Twelve Cultural Epochs

The philosophic calendar "Beyond"The philosophic calendar "Beyond""Beyond" contents a great subject: Paradise and hell, purgatory and rebirth, ghost world, Utopia, cockaigne, nirwana, communism - there are many conceptions in the history of mankind of what could exist beyond real life or how an ideal society should be. The calendar shows in wonderful paintings and poems the different imaginations of the beyond in twelve cultural epochs.

"Beyond" is the English version of my calendar "Jenseits". Unfortunally it is no longer available in booktrade.

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